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Fun Fall Activities

so Fun Fall Activities
Fall is one of our favorite seasons and even though the weather is cooling down it does not mean fun has to cool down! Here are some of or favorite fall activities.
Nature Hunt! 
Grab your boots and a basket and hit the trails or the park. We love collecting fallen leaves and other foliage. After collecting you fun flowers, sticks, and leaves take them home and look at the changes that have occurred. We used a magnifying glass to take a closer look! 
Time for a library run! Spending time in the library is one of our favorite pass times. We take advantage of the opportunity to stock up on books that talk about the fall season and learn about why the leaves change colors and the trees shed leaves. 
All those pine cones and leaves don't go to waste! Time for some nature painting. Roll out some canvas paper and grab your paint! It's time to get creative. Allow your little one to explore leaves and paint brushes and paint berries. 
Making Bird Feeders with pinecones we collected are one of our favorite activities. We love being able to help our little animal friends during the changing season.  This activity can be a little mess but it's worth it! 
1. Tie a string around the top of the pinecone. 
2. Cover the pinecone with peanut butter or a sunflower seed butter. 
3. Roll pinecone in bird food from local shop
There's nothing like a good fall sensory bin! The purpose of a the sensory bin is to help kids explore and learn through hands on activities. Here are my top 5 bin fillers for fall! 
1. Bird seeds/Bird food
2. Chocolate sprinkles 
3. Faux leaves 
4. Foliage 
5. Brown rice 
Don't for get smell! Fall is a great time to introduce smell to a sensory bin! Add few drops of your favorite extracts to really make your bin pop! 
1. Pumpkin spice flavor extract
2. Vanilla extract 
3. Cinnamon spice 
4. Nutmeg spice 

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