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The Foundation  

My name is Courtney, in my life, I have been a lot of things and held a lot of titles but my most recent is MOM. I have dealt with a lot of things that have led me to where I am today. A stay at home mom! A Black stay at home mom at that. A people group I feel is grossly under-represented. 


What led me to become a stay at home mom?

…..Where to start postpartum depression and anxiety, inadequate and overpriced childcare, an economic system that doesn’t represent or benefit a working mother. These are just a few. 

Why Blog About It?

When I first decided to be a stay at home mother I felt that I was the only one that looked like me. I’ve never met and I never really seen other Black stay at home moms. I had to go out of my way to find SAHMs that look like me. It was upsetting and remarkable that the only way I could connect with other women of color who were SAHMs was to pay to join an organized club or group. So for the next Black woman that feels alone, I want her to know that she is not…

At first 

I second-guessed my decision. I felt like I was throwing away years of school, countless hours of dedicated studying. I was the only one of my friends at the time who was exclusively caring for their child at home. I often thought could I and would I measure up in the long run. But I live by the motto “you have to get uncomfortable to get comfortable.” So there I was at home with my one-year-old son. With no clue what my next move was going to be. I had just worked through my postpartum depression and was fearful that I could slip back into its grasp again.  

First I drowned myself in home improvement projects and then I realized I could still cultivate my skills and foster my creativity…and BOOM THE BLACK STAY AT HOME MOM WAS BORN. 

I began coming up with creative tasks for my son that would hold his attention and help him learn new skills. I didn’t realize that the type of parenting style I had was unique or even a commodity among Black Millennial Parents. I was just doing what felt right to me attempting to break generational curses and mend the scars of the past. 

Shortly after I started posting our activities on Instagram…THE POWER of a HASHTAG…I began using hashtags to discover moms like me using Black Moms that of all things were home with their babies….I began connecting with them and interacting with them. These women are some of the most educated and brilliant young women I’ve ever met. They are accountants, school counselors of the year, content creators, and so much more. It’s amazing to watch the growth and influence other women to be their best selves, to motivate one another to not only think about but commit to self-care and hold each other accountable. 

Anyways I say all this to push the Normalization of the Black Stay at Home Mom!!!! 

I hope you enjoyed my welcome narrative and I hope you guys continue to support me and join me as I continue to share my journey with you all. 

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